Oradea Day Centre

   These two buildings were a former cereal deposit. In 2000, the Oradea Council assigned the buildings to the Children of the Promise Foundation for use as a children’s day centre. Buildings were in an advanced state of decay. During the following 6 years, they were reformed thanks to foreign financial support and local volunteers, without interrupting the activities in the centre. 

Nowadays, after successive remodelling, the buildings have classrooms for different group activities, a kitchen, a dining area, a deposit, a chapel, and even a pottery workshop, for over 100 children to enjoy the facilities.


Cheriu Day Centre


   In 2006, Children of the Promise Foundation signed a partnership with the Pentecostal Church in Cheriu to open a similar Day Centre within their premises, for about 20 local gypsy children. After school, children in grades 1 to 4 get help with the homework, receive something to eat and play different games. The Centre is open for four hours every working day.