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Oradea Day Centre

       As the name suggests, this center provides after-school assistance for children from local single-parent or impoverished-family homes. The children have Gypsy and Hungarian backgrounds. There are two day-centres - one situated in central Oradea, and the other in Cheriu, a small village close to Oradea. Local primary schools provide only initial 4 year courses, and many children abandon school because they cannot pay transportation costs. There are almost 100 children who regularly attend this day centre.

       The day centre divides the children into four groups of 20-30 each, one dedicated to Hungarian speakers. The children benefit from the following  every working day:

  • help to do their home work
  • free lunch
  • counseling for behaviour challenges
  • musical education (choir, guitar and piano classes)
  • handicrafts (painting origamo, etc)
  • Christian education
  • hygiene and sanitary education
  • free access to recreational facilities (table tennis, computer games, fitness)