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Children of the Promise Foundation

Who we are?...   

- a Christian charity in Oradea, Romania, founded by Samuil Mitra in 1998. It was founded as a response to the drama of street children living without hope. Some came from orphanages, others have been deserted by their parents, and many were begging at church doors on Sundays. 
      At the beginning, this outreach was a Christian reflex of immediate intervention to help our desperate neighbours, victims of abuses and poverty. Eventually, Children of the Promise was created; an accredited charity and provider of social services. Currently, we have two Day Centres and one Residential Centre.

Outreach premises

  • Every person, regardless of racial, ethnic or social background, should be given the hope for happiness and development.
  • Gypsies are generally regarded as an underprivileged ethnic group.
  • Christians are called to actively participate  in alleviating social injustice by offering material help and education to the deprived.

General objective

  •  Encourage school attendance.
  •  Social integration of youth coming from orphanages and others in danger of social exclusion.


Initially, this ministry was financially supported by a private donor and a Christian institution from abroad. During the last years, we have gained some grants from local authorities for specific projects. Also, individuals and Romanian companies have provided material and financial support, as well as direct involvement as volunteers.


Vivien Gowlett
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